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Tips For Creating A Versatile (Capsule-Inspired) Wardrobe

I hear so often from people that they would like to create a capsule wardrobe. I completely understand. I LOVE the idea of a closet filled with fewer items, that mix and match with ease that suit lifestyle needs (and reflect one's personal style).

That being said, where things get tricky with capsule wardrobes is when people feel they need to follow an exact recipe of set number of items and/or particular pieces. We are not cookie cutters and one person's capsule needs may be very different than our own.

With that in mind, I always aim to gear my clients towards a streamlined, versatile wardrobe that suits their lifestyle, goals and taste. Before building your version of a capsule, I recommend putting in some time and have a very clear idea of your personal style and the image you would like to present to the world.

Once you've identified your personal style and lifestyle needs; start building your wardrobe with these tips in mind:

The basics.

Like anything in life, it is always good to start with the basics. The same is true with building a versatile wardrobe. If you are lacking in these, it's hard to have a wardrobe that mix and matches with ease. Key basics depend on lifestyle but some examples would be: t-shirts (long and short sleeved), thin turtlenecks, denim, versatile bottoms, or jackets.

Have a colour palette.

You may love every colour in the rainbow, but if you want pieces to seamlessly combine it's best to aim for building a palette. Pick a couple of key neutrals and accent colours. You'll see how easily things start to come together when you play around in the closet!

Prints can still be in play.

If you are like me and enjoy wearing print, do not feel that it doesn't belong in a capsule-inspired wardrobe. So many prints are classic and combine easily with the basics (and with other prints!). Animal print is generally considered a neutral when it comes to styling; and stripes and plaid can work their way easily into so many outfits regardless of style personality.

Switch it up with accessories.

If you want to keep the actual number of pieces low in your wardrobe, you can amp up the interest through accessories. Think: scarves, necklaces, earrings, hats, belts, bags - and don't forget...there are so many stylish masks out there these days!

Keep maintenance in mind.

It's hard to work with a downsized wardrobe if a large number of the contents need to be dry cleaned. When purchasing something new, consider how the care will factor into its overall wearability.

Always think like a stylist...

Once you have created your streamlined wardrobe, you need to think like a stylist. When considering adding something new always think about what you already have (and make sure you don't have too many multiples) and ask yourself the key stylist question: can I style this new piece at least 3 ways with what I already have?

If you follow these ideas, you will be on your way to creating a versatile wardrobe that you will love and know how to wear multiple ways.

Keeping these tips in mind, for more inspiration check out my Capsule Wardrobe board on Pinterest.


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