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Figuring Out Your Style Personality

So often we put the cart before the horse. We start adding pieces to our wardrobe, spend time and money building it up but we haven't taken the time to really hone in on our style personality. Figuring this out can be so helpful in building a wardrobe that we love and are excited to wear.

I find that we tend to fall into several style personality types - but, it's so helpful to have an understanding of the different styles and then determine our own.

On Pinterest, I've put together boards illustrating many of the key style types. Check them out there to get you started on your own journey. Below, I give a snapshot of each. I'd love to hear which resonate with you!

Minimalist style:

With minimalist style - keep things simple and streamlined! Focus on a neutral, versatile colour palette.

Sophisticated/Elegant Style:

With elegant/sophisticated style think: luxe fabrics, monochromatic as well as classic inspired pieces.

Boho Style

Bohemian style is characterized by flowing skirts and dresses, peasant blouses, fringe, beading, florals, sandals or ankle boots, light and soft layers.

Casual/Sporty Style

This style is often athleisure inspired. Think: leggings, joggers, light layers, sneakers, comfort.

Classic Style

This style personality prefers basics and look effortlessly chic in simple staple pieces. Embrace tradition. Sticking with things that have stood the test of time is often the key to look.


This style personality is often characterized by lace, florals, ruffles, soft pastels and romantic silhouettes.

Edgy Style

Edgy style has a rock & roll vibe. Think: graphic tees, leather, combat boots, plaid, hardware details.

Artistic/Creative Style

This style personality loves to think outside of the box. Print mixing, colour blocking, accessorizing and often mixing up the styles.

Preppy Style

With preppy style think: blazers (often navy - university or prep school inspired), argyle sweaters, crewneck sweaters, school sweaters or sweatshirts, button down Oxford shirts, stripes and penny loafers.

Alluring Style

This style personality loves feels sexy and wants to celebrate this. Think body con, low cut, sheer, figure forming.

Menswear Inspired

With menswear inspired think: tailored, structured pieces. Neutral colour palette or classic prints.

My Personal Style:

Personally, I consider myself a combination of feminine/artistic with sometimes a dash of classic.

I'd love to know how you would define your style personality! Don't forget to check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration.


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