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Styling vs Wearing

I've heard from many people that they don't feel they have a sense of style. I truly believe that style isn't something you are born with, rather it is something you learn. Like anything, personal style takes practice and experimentation. I feel if you are reading this, you likely have an interest in style - and that's where it all starts...


Through my work with clients over the past 12 years (and in my own getting dressed routine), I've learned how some very quick and simple tweaks can transform the action of just putting clothes on your body into a more styled and completed look.


I'm sharing 5 ideas here. You absolutely do not need to do all 5 at once, but I always aim for at least one of these when getting dressed (bonus points if you can achieve 2 or even 3 in a look!). What I love about these is that not only are they quick and easy, they aren't fussy or time consuming. I hear so often from clients that they want to achieve an "effortless vibe". While I believe style takes some effort, these can help you achieve that effortless look without having to work too hard!

5 quick and easy tips:

Tuck: This could be a front tuck, side tuck or full tuck. Whichever you choose, the simple act of tucking is like adding punctuation to the end of the sentence (and it also has additional style benefits such as helping balance proportion in a look).


Push/roll up sleeve: This one is a favourite among stylists because not only does it add a little something extra (it feels purposeful, yet laidback), but it has the power to draw the eye toward what is often a more narrow part of the body and also results in showing a little skin rather than being completely covered in clothing.


Roll or cuff pants: Similar to the sleeve, this simple act just adds a little something extra. The roll doesn't have to be perfect or even exact on both legs (it's those imperfections in fashion that evoke that "effortless" look so many people tell me they strive for).


Layer: Adding layers not only helps with temperature control (something on my radar a lot these days!), but it instantly adds dimension and interest to an outfit.


Add an accessory:  This one also adds dimension and interest to a look and is an easy way to add some personality to what you are wearing. Think: belts, scarves, jewelry, headbands, hats, watches etc.

I'd love to know if there are any other styling tricks that are your favourite to instantly transform the process of simply wearing your clothes into more of a styled, purposeful look!

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