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Spring Denim Update

Denim is a timeless wardrobe staple that is having a real style star moment. The past few years, we've seen a shift from skinnier silhouettes (don't throw those out if you love them, they are now a classic and can easily be styled with boots) to a myriad of wider styles: there's everything from slim to ultra-wide.


I know so may of you have either dipped your toe in with a new style (maybe from a skinny to a slim), or fully embraced and played around with a range of trouser styles, boot cut, barrel leg etc. Since there are a multitude of options out there, I thought I'd share a snippet, some thoughts and inspiration of some of what I'm seeing out there.

Baggy/Relaxed Silhouettes:

This is a comfortable option for Spring. Wear this style casually with a t-shirt and shorter jacket (bomber, trench, leather etc.) with sneakers. This style switches seamlessly to evening with a simple shoe swap, or perhaps a dressier top. Note: we are seeing baggier styles in all denim washes: dark, medium, light as well as white/cream.

Denim skirts:

These have carried over from last year's huge trend and we will continue to see them everywhere. The midi style is great to wear for work and play. This look is a little more elevated casual, but a sneaker with a tank or tee works just as well! We are seeing denim skirts in all washes (dark, medium, light and even white/cream). If you are petite, look for one with a front slit so you don't look completely covered in fabric. Note: we're also seeing denim dresses this Spring/Summer season.

Turned up/cuffed denim:

We are seeing jeans cuffed more widely and intentionally this season. Of course, there are styles you can purchase where this has been pre-done, but why not experiment with some pairs already in your closet? Cuffing or rolling your denim causes the look to be intentional and gives another option for how to wear a pair of jeans you've invested in.

Dark Wash Denim:

Darker wash denim usually feels reminiscent of Fall/Winter, but this denim wash is everywhere this Spring. It looks great with basics, but also try this style with print or colour to add a pop to a look. Darker denim is easy to dress up or down and feels timeless.

Pleated Denim:

Continuing with the trouser trend, adding pleats is a way to add visual interest to a denim look. Try wearing with an oversized button up, with hints of colour. Worried about too much bulk? Inverted pleats give the illusion/interest but lie more flat. Don't forget to show your waist with some sort of tuck or shorter jacket with this style.

Denim on Denim (aka "The Canadian Tuxedo":

We are seeing denim on denim in mixed washes and all types of garment pairings. Matched sets are a fun option - perfect to wear for casual outings or even more dressed up. Of course you can separate these pieces and wear them on their own - love the versatility! If this still feels a little scary, pairing different washes is an easy way to dip your toe in - if it is something you are interested in trying.

Denim shorts (longer style):

This is a style you may be hesitant to try as it feels the most fashion forward, but treat these like a wide leg pair of jeans and you will find you have more options than you think (and fun new wardrobe garment type to experiment with!). Try styling these for a night out with something like pictured here a bodysuit or tank, boyfriend style blazer, strappy shoe or a slide. Tip: you will likely need a slight bit of height on the shoe - if heels aren't your thing (I understand) a small wedge could do the trick - or a platform sneaker.

I love that we are also seeing denim dresses and trenches - it's all out there at the moment I hope you have a little fun with your denim this season. xo

All images in inspiration boards above are linked here.


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