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Pre-Fall 2021 Trend alert: Denim on Denim

Fall 2021 trend alert - denim on denim or double denim...whichever you prefer!

Yes, this has mockingly been referred to as the "Canadian tuxedo" for years - but we are suddenly seeing it pop up everywhere in the most stylish and versatile of ways. It will definitely be a trend this Fall. You can do this in a very fashion-y styled way, or keep it cool and casual. And, depending on the pieces you choose and how you accessorize, this works for so many style personalities.

Not sure how to step in to this? Here are 3 ways:

1) Pair denims with different washes as shown in two of the images above. Lighter with darker or mid-wash is a great place to start. Still feel too Canadian tuxedo? Add a top or tee to break it up a little.

2) If that still feels too out-there for you, pair your favourite denim jacket or chambray shirt with white, black or coloured jeans. You will be wearing an overall denim fabrication, but won't feel too matchy-matchy. It's a good way to ease into the idea of the trend if you are keen but still uncertain. In the photo below, I'm wearing my favourite denim jacket with grey jeans.

3) Try a matching set to give off a seamless head to toe denim look. Added bonus with a set is you can break it up for more versatility - and outfits! Or, go head-to-toe with a denim jumpsuit or maxi dress and pair with your favourite denim jacket.

Key denim wardrobe staples to help get started on this type of look: jeans, denim jacket, chambray shirt.

See something you like in one of the images? All are linked (and more!) on my shoppable board on my Shopshare channel.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this trend - think it is something you would like to try, or will it forever feel too Canadian tuxedo? I think I am going to try and play around with my denim these upcoming months.


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