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Peach Fuzz - 2024's Colour of the Year

I'm always so curious to see what colour Pantone (the authority on all things colour) deems as the hue of the year. This year - it's Peach Fuzz.


I was initially uncertain of this choice as it is such a departure from 2023's Viva Magenta which fully embodied the Barbiecore craze of the year and dopamine dressing (all of which I loved!).


That being said, I also love the softness and calming energy this hue evokes. Pantone describes it using words such as: kindness, tenderness, community, collaboration, stillness and sanctuary. This is a vibe I can get behind as we start a new year!


Peach Fuzz seems to fall between pink and orange. Coral has been shown to be a universally flattering hue so this could be an easy one to wear as a nod to this year's colour trend if the exact shade doesn't feel like you. Or, keeping the pinks alive from 2023, softer shades of pinks also give off the same feel.

Don't forget you can always shop your closet to see if you have already have something similar - here are a couple of pieces that come to mind in my closet:

I purchased this sweatshirt dress over 5 years ago while on holiday in Mexico. It's technically coral, but feels very peach fuzz.

This blouse was one of the last purchases I made in 2020 before the world shut down - it sat unworn for many months during lockdown, but has now become a favourite particularly for work with trousers or a skirt.


Of course, you do not have to wear this colour if it doesn't speak to you! We should never shop or dress according to trends. However, I love to chat about what's out there in case it does happen to resonate and you may already have something in your closet that this may spark you to breathe new life into this year.

If you like this Peach Fuzz shade but you don't feel it's one you can easily wear next to your face, you can also incorporate thorough accessories or footwear.


In terms of styling, Peach Fuzz pairs very well with grey, shades of brown, white, cream, burgundy, sage green, navy and denim (of course!).

If any of the items in my opening image caught your eye, you can check out my shop board here.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2024 in whatever colours you choose to wear!


Lori xo


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