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My Wearable Fall Trend Roundup

You'll hear me say this again and again. We do not need to shop or dress according to trends. But, as a stylist, I feel compelled to share what's out there in the style world. If it resonates and aligns with your personal style and lifestyle, this is an easy way to feel modern and up-to-date in what you are wearing. If it doesn't, please pass and continue to wear what YOU love.

There are always so many trends shown each season. I love to pour over magazines, blogs, social media posts, favourite brand websites, as well as the hi-lights from this season's fashion shows. Of course, I also pop into many shops in person. My goal is to hi-light a few trends I feel are wearable for some seasonal inspiration.

My advice is always to shop the closet first. If you have something that matches a current trend, see if you can make some fresh new outfits with that piece!

If you don't have one of these trends, but one that catches your eye; this could be a good time to add something new to the closet. Don't forget to think about your existing wardrobe and how the new piece will combine. Make sure to consider whether you will have multiple ways to wear. Bonus points if it will serve you well in multiple areas of your life.

Wearable trends for Fall 2023 that have caught my eye:


Red is absolutely having a moment this season. We're seeing red styled head-to-toe, in small pops of colour, or in accessories. As someone who offers colour analysis as a service, I know that there is a perfect red out there for everyone (not sure? I can help you figure that out!). Red is a timeless hue that is a quick and easy way to inject a little energy into any outfit.


If red isn't your thing and you are getting a little weary of dopamine dressing and Barbiecore pink, you may be relieved to know that grey will also be everywhere this season. An easy wardrobe neutral that combines so well with other neutrals, pastels or even bright colours.

Flat shoe options:

For years I have shopped with clients with specific foot issues...the struggle to find comfortable stylish shoes is real! I particularly know as I've been dealing with my own foot pains the past couple of years. This season we are seeing so many flat shoe options. Note: the ones I am showing in the image above may not suit your particular foot needs. Rather, it illustrates some of what is out there in terms of style and there are so many more foot-friendly brands we can search.

Ballet flats have had a big comeback, but we are seeing them more with a square toe. Maryjane style shoes are also everywhere this season as are chunky loafers. We are seeing them all styled with or without socks (perhaps that is a style post for another time...).

In addition, we are continuing to see lug soled combat boots and clogs. The shorter Ugg boots also will be cropping up everywhere this season.

The Lady Jacket:

The silhouette is collarless and often slightly cropped. I have seen many in shops or online in tweed or knit fabrications. These are easy to dress up or style more elevated casually with denim. This garment aligns very well with the classic, sophisticated or feminine style personalities. But, don't be fooled...while it's a classic shape, it can also feel very modern depending on the styling.

Statement earrings:

If your ears are pierced, this may be an easy one to shop your closet for. Perhaps, like me, you get in the routine of wearing the same couple of pairs of earrings on repeat but have others in your collection that you love - but just haven't worn in a while. It's time to pull them out and wear them with everyday pieces. Don't save them only for dressier moments. The mix of dressy and casual is always very chic.

I'd love to know if one of these trends inspires you to shop your closet and create some new looks this season!


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