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Know your necklines

I should have chatted about this ages ago as this comes in particularly handy on Zoom. But...better late than never! Taking a little time to figure out your personal bests/favourites (colours/silhouettes) can make getting dressed so much easier and enjoyable.

While it's true some necklines lend themselves better to particular body types, I truly believe it's what make YOU feel best that matters. For example: the V neck is deemed to be universally flattering - and particularly so if you are fuller in the bust. But, I have always shied away from showing much cleavage so tend to opt for other necklines, or for a V that is higher or more shallow (as in image above). I'll also frequently create the illusion of the V by placing a necklace over a crew neck top.

Here are some steps to start figuring out your best/favourite necklines:

1) Take some time and try on a range of tops/dresses/sweaters in your closet.

Notice the pieces that make you feel your best, that you reach for the most. Take photos. Also observe how pieces look and lie under layers.

2) Go to your favourite store and spend some time in the fitting room.

Try on a range of necklines. Not only is this activity fun and educational - it's absolutely free! Take a good friend (or stylist!) with you. Again take photos and notice how the varying necklines look on you and how you feel in them.

3) Scroll through photos on your device and notice necklines.

Which ones do you particularly like the look of on you? Ask yourself why?

This neckline guide I found on-line should also help get you started!

My go to necklines tend to be: crew (easy to accessorize and layer), collar, key-hole, turtle, or a shallow V. I also love an illusion neckline as it provides coverage while offering more open neckline.

As long as the V isn't too deep and the buttons don't pull across the bust-line, a button up collared shirt or dress can be a flattering neckline on me balancing out a fuller bust.

I am usually conservative with my necklines, as I don't like to show much cleavage (that's MY style preference for me). But, often if the neckline is too high it gives a "uni-boob" look (for lack of a better term!). A shallow v-neck works very well for me and I'll often layer a lace cami or tank underneath.

Because I love a turtleneck or crew neck, I typically pair with a pendant necklace which helps elongate by creating that v shape.

I LOVE an illusion neckline. It offers me the coverage I feel comfortable in while giving the appearance of more skin. I also opted for this on my wedding dress.

Do you already know yours, or are you going to spend a little time figuring it out? Knowing which ones you feel your best and most confident in makes such a difference!


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