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How to style: The Moto Jacket

Recently, I reached out to the community who subscribe to my newsletter (not subscribed yet? Subscribe here) with a poll inquiring as to the kind of posts they would find most beneficial/interesting. One of the top responses was: how to style wardrobe staples multiple ways. Since we have stepped into Fall, it feels fitting to start with a layering item!

The moto jacket is a timeless piece that has the potential to be a wardrobe workhorse. Added bonus: it can be styled multi-season. Feeling a little too edgy for you? I'm sharing outfit inspiration for a range of style aesthetic and lifestyle. Have a moto, but you tend to always style the same way? See if you can shop your closet for some new looks!

My goal as a stylist is to help you save time and money when it comes to getting dressed. Hopefully these ideas will help you maximize what you have and encourage you to play around and create new looks with what is already in your closet.

Here are some of my favourite ways to style a moto jacket:

1) Soften it up:

If, at first glance, the moto jacket feels too edgy; try pairing it with more feminine pieces to add balance and interest. Think: Summer dresses, flowing skirts, ruffles and florals. Pink and lilac are having a real moment this season and can be a fabulous soft pairing with the moto!

2) Pair with dressier pieces:

I love it when an outfit incorporates opposites such as the soft and edgy outlined above, more expensive pieces mixed with cheap and cheerful, or dressy garments paired with more casual. If you want to add some instant style factor to a fancier look...try adding a moto.

3) Wear with your everyday:

It's no secret, I love the power of a jacket to transform two pieces into an outfit. The moto serves as an easy completer piece that works effortlessly over even the most casual of looks.

4) Try a different colour:

If the classic black moto still doesn't feel like you, I completely understand! Black isn't a huge statement piece in my own wardrobe as lighter colours tend to flatter me best. But, I love the silhouette and styling possibilities the moto offers. Below are two that are in my own wardrobe. You'll see how I have paired one with a floral dress and the other with a more casual outfit of a printed top and jeans.

Looking for more inspiration or see something here that caught your eye? Visit my Shopboard page here.

Have a moto jacket in your closet? I'd love to know your favourite way to wear it! However, it's important to remember that there is no set list of pieces that you must have in a wardrobe. If the moto isn't for you, there are so many other completer pieces out there (blazers, shackets, cargo jackets, denim jackets to name a few) to wear and love.


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