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Fall Transition Tips

Finding ways to maximize the items in the wardrobe is always top of mind. As the weather cools, there are still ways to wear your favourite warmer weather pieces a little longer. Here's how:

1) Add a layer

Take your favourite Summer skirts, dresses, lighter pants, jumpsuits into Fall by adding a sweater over top (either cardigan or jumper style - both work!). While not revolutionary for Fall, this year knitwear is having a real moment. Even better if it is (or looks!) handmade. Because home-crafts of all sorts were popular throughout the pandemic, we'll be seeing a lot of this vibe in clothing this fall. This is the perfect time to layer your jackets over Summer pieces: jean, moto, cargo blazers - pick your favourite style!

2) Change up your footwear

Swap out your sandals for boots, loafers or flats for an instant Fall transition. Sneakers paired with your Summer pieces also work well into the Fall (especially if you've followed tip #1 and added a layer!). Need to freshen up your fall footwear wardrobe? Check out my ankle boot inspiration catalog here.

3) Style your white in a new way

Despite the old adage "never where white after Labour Day", you can absolutely wear white into the Fall and even Winter months. An easy way to do this is to pair with heavier knits or fabrics. Layering as I have done in the photo above (remember tip #1?) also works to make this hue feel more seasonally on point. I love the freshness white (or lighter hues) adds to an outfit.

Remember, the goal is to maximize the pieces in our wardrobes and make them as multi-season as possible! Need help? I'm always happy to chat!


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