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How to shop like a stylist

On my recent shopping excursion in NYC, I purchased this gorgeous sequin tank from Kate Spade in SoHo. I was instantly drawn to the colour, pattern and, of course, the sequins! Sequins are having a real moment this season - but, they align with my style personality and have never been "just for the holidays" in my wardrobe rotation. I love how seamlessly (and stylishly) they can combine with everyday basics.

But, before taking the plunge; I stopped and asked myself the crucial question I share with my clients:

Can I style it at least 3 ways with what is already in my wardrobe?

And, bonus, if I can answer yes to the question below...

Can it serve my lifestyle in multiple ways (work and social)?

The styling 3 ways tip is important to avoid getting in the rut of always wearing a piece the same way (often how it was displayed in store) which can often lead to becoming bored with a piece without exploring all its options!

Here are some of the ideas that came to mind that I am now excited to wear with this new wardrobe gem...

A layer such as a denim jacket, blazer or moto jacket would work very well over the sequin tank.

Not only can the tank be worn on its own or with a layer over, but takes on a new look when a piece is layered underneath. I love the idea of this puffed sleeve white button up under the tank or perhaps a thin navy turtleneck.

I've had fun coming up with multiple outfit options in my virtual closet - and feel I have more than successfully answered my key stylist criteria. Here are some looks with my existing wardrobe pieces:

1) Sequin tank with white jeans and sneakers (could also layer over my white wide-leg jumpsuit):

2) Denim jacket over sequin tank:

3) Sequin tank with coloured bottom:

4) Sequin tank with light vegan leather skirt (could also wear my black vegan leather skirt):

5) Sequin tank worn over a button up (or turtle neck or long sleeved tee):

6) Sequin tank with my blue textured trousers (love this colour palette!):

7) Sequin tank with jeans:

So excited to wear these outfits! If you get in the habit of thinking this way before you bring something home, I promise you that getting dressed and getting the CPW (cost-per-wear) out of your pieces will become so much easier!

Note: the outfits shown above from my own virtual closet illustrates what my clients receive when I make outfits for them - the closet can be saved to the homescreen of your go-to device so the looks are always at your fingertips!

Need help figuring out new ways to wear what's already in your closet? Shopping closets is my specialty and I'd love to help!


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