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How to be a smart sale shopper

This is the time of year where we see a lot of sales popping up. But, we need to be mindful when we approach a sale. No matter the deal, if we don't end up wearing the piece; it will ultimately lead to more clutter and confusion in the closet.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping sales:

1) Assess your current wardrobe before shopping.

Before we go to the grocery store, we generally have a plan or take an inventory of what we have/need. If not, we can miss key ingredients for a particular recipe, or miss out on staples that need replenishing. Yet, when it comes to clothes shopping, the tendency is often to just wander the shops and make purchases without a plan. Before you jump into a sale either in-person or on-line, ensure that you take note of the following:

What do you already have (that fits well), what are some gaps that you are noticing?

What lifestyle needs/events do you need to be dressing for?

2) Remember the rule of 3.

Before purchasing something new always ask yourself: can this item work with my existing wardrobe to create at least 3 (hopefully more!) outfits? Bonus if it can be styled multi-season.

3) Know the return policy!

If it is on sale, can the item be returned? Is the refund as you paid, or store credit? Especially important to know full details when on-line shopping to make the process easier and in helping you determine whether it is worth taking the plunge.

Need help navigating sales in a way that will maximize your existing wardrobe? In my virtual month of style, I help you figure out what you need, do on-line sourcing for you and put a collection of lifestyle appropriate outfits together in a virtual look-book. Getting dressed has never been so easy!

Speaking of sales, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is currently on! The beauty of this sale is it focuses on their upcoming Fall collection so if you have some gaps in the wardrobe to fill for that style season, this is the perfect time to scoop up some deals (in the short window of time before the items jump back to full price)! The sale can be overwhelming so it is a good idea to have a list of one or two key items such as: a coat, pair of boots, jeans etc. This will help you stay focused in your search. And, be sure to keep the above tips in mind!


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