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Alternatives for when you need something fancier (that you know you'll just wear once)...

During the festive season, there are sometimes functions that require us to wear something fancier than even what is in our regular "going out" rotation. As discussed in one of my recent blogs, we've established there is such a range as to what constitutes "going out" attire. While I love opportunities to really dress up, I'm quite glad I don't have to plan for that this holiday season.

My motto when it comes to shopping for any type of attire has always been: if you stumble upon something you love (that fits and is at a reasonable price), snatch it up when you see it, so when you do have an have something at the ready. I still stand by that for so many purchases. However, when I look at this photo taken this past year at the Ovarian Cancer Gala, I realize that this dress bought with this same philosophy (found it on sale, great price, thought it was interesting and would have occasion to wear) is something that I likely will never wear again - or any time soon. With dresses, I love to use the phrase one and done translate: one garment, outfit basically done. I don't like it, however, when it translates to: wear once and then done. This does not align with my cost-per-wear philosophy.

There are so many options cropping up for those of us who want to wear something fashionable and fabulous, without falling into the pattern of only wearing once. Here are a few options to consider:


I recently listened to an interesting podcast in the series "How I Built This" where the creator of "Rent the Runway" was being interviewed. This is such a smart concept. You rent an incredible dress on-line (quite often designer) at a fraction the cost. Wear it once and then send back. They also offer stylist support to help navigate fit, style and sizing. This business model has now popped up here in Canada with companies like Rent, Frock, Repeat and Flauntbox.

I've not tried these services personally, but I'm definitely considering checking out the inventory next time a social engagement calls. It offers the opportunity to play with something we would most likely never purchase (have fun with fashion), feel amazing, photograph it...and then send it back. No guilt about it not earning its worth and someone else takes care of the cleaning. Please drop me a line if you have tried one of these services - I'd love to hear how it went!

Shop Consignment:

In a recent blogpost I introduced a new consignment app one of my clients is developing. It's made consignment more on my radar, and occasion dressing is a perfect example of when this can be a great option. Locally there are many stores that have a large inventory of dressier items. Mine&Yours in downtown Vancouver often has many gems waiting to be discovered. The majority of the pieces are designer, so they aren't your typical second-hand prices, but definitely worth a look. Or, check out Turnabout or Front & Company.

If those don't come up fruitful, why not hop onto myWardrobe Online to see if anything suits. They have recently launched their app and are staring to build the inventory. It's a great way to pick up a new piece without putting a dent in your bank account and to keep clothing circulating - why not share the love with someone else if you aren't going to wear again and try to score something chic for yourself in the process?

I just may need to upload that plaid dress to the app as I don't see myself wearing it in the near future, and someone may have occasion to do so...

Happy celebrating this season!

Lori xo

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