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Why you should swap out your capris for the crop or midi

I've encountered a lot of unflattering capri pants during closet edits.  I understand why they are there - we need versatile bottoms (especially as the weather warms).  And - if Jackie Kennedy Onassis - who was known for her impeccable style wore them, they must be fashionable...right?

Where things go sideways with capris, is almost always in the fit.  Jackie had an excellent handle on the fit of a garment.  Too often, this style of pant ends at the widest part of the calf - a very unflattering length.  Also, the silhouette is usually more tapered or fitted as opposed to a wider-leg culotte.  Fit is one foundation of good style and this seems to fly out the window with the capri pant.

Cropped pants and midi skirts have recently moved from trend status to becoming key pieces in a functional wardrobe.  They tend to be longer than a capri style and allow you to hem or cuff to your ideal spot (often right above the ankle or at the thinnest part of the calf before it begins to widen).

Both can work well multi-season depending on the shoe pairing.  In the colder weather you may opt for an ankle boot whereas in the warmer weather maybe a loafer, flat or wedge.  Curious about incorporating one of these silhouettes into your wardrobe?  I have rounded up a few finds to get you thinking in this inspiration catalog.

Need help incorporating these into your current wardrobe?  My style services are the perfect opportunity to work through this together.


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