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Wearing your inherent colours

Did you know that your eye colour is always one that will suit? Like so much when it comes to style, figuring out our most flattering hues can feel like a bit of a Science lesson. Style science is my favourite!

Note: personal style isn't about following rules and you can absolutely wear any colour you choose. But, if you are curious as to which are going to naturally compliment you - I've got some tips...

There are so many ways to discover your optimal colours: draping, figuring out your contrast levels, knowing your skin's undertone as well as examining what's inherent to you. In this post, we're looking at one of the quickest and easiest: wearing your inherent colours.

I've heard this time and time again: pattern and repetition is pleasing to the eye, allowing it to rest. So, if we replicate our body's natural patterns (or colours) in what we are wearing, it will have an overall cohesive and complimentary effect.

How to find your inherent colours:


As noted, eye colour is one that always suits. My eyes are blue, so shades of blue work very well on me. Tip: take a photo of yourself and then really zoom in and expand the eyes. Notice all the different shades and flecks - these will all be hues that inherently suit and wear with confidence.

Skin and Lips:

Your skin is also a good area to look at when it comes figuring out some inherently flattering hues. For me, I often have pinkish or rose (flush) tones in my cheeks which can be nicely reflected in soft pinks and peaches. These same hues are also found in my lips and can work well in wardrobe pieces or prints. As you can see, I am very fair so wearing shoes in light nude or blush tones can look seamless and elongating. Matching either footwear, belts or bags to your inherent tones can give off a very natural and pleasing effect.


Ok, depending on what's going on with your hair - this one may not truly be "innate", but it falls in line with that repetition philosophy. Yellow is a colour for me that has always garnered compliments. While it may not be one of the top colours in my "Summer" palette (from the draping technique), I believe since it mirrors the lightness and golden tones of my hair - it's always been a winner for me. My hair is hi-lighted, though I do have a little natural blonde still there. You can definitely focus on your current shade and bring that in to what you are wearing. Remember, like your eyes, there are probably multiple shades you can draw from!

Take a little time to think about your inherent colours and have these on your radar if you are ever wondering what suits. Need help figuring out your inherent colours? I am always happy to chat.

In an upcoming post I'll share how to dress according to your contrast level - this one was also a gamechanger for me!


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