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Wardrobe Staple: The Sneaker

The white sneaker has become a closet staple and, while I consider it an essential piece for Spring; it's now considered a year-round go-to. The sneaker works for all style personalities, can be styled up or down and offers a fresh and modern feel to an outfit.

I always have a couple in rotation in my closet and find I usually refresh at least one pair a year - they certainly earn their cost-per-wear!

This season in addition to the classic white go-with-everything sneaker, high tops are also having a real moment as are more vintage runner inspired sneakers (comfort and style!).

The video on my shopping channel, I hi-light a few of my favourites I've seen out there now. I love these videos as it gives me a chance to feel like I am on a mini shopping trip with you!

Something catch your eye? All sneakers are also linked in the video and in this shoppable catalog.

Struggling to find your perfect pair? My virtual style services offer personalized shopping videos and catalogs - I do the pre-shop and roundup for you based on your needs and style personality.


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