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Wardrobe Essentials for a New Time

We are in the midst of times that we have never experienced, and, it seems like our lives are going to be in a "new normal" for some time to come. In the video below, I share what I think is going to be high on people's priority lists when considering future additions to their wardrobes and shopping decisions moving forward.

A little recap:


Thankfully, this has been gaining momentum for some time now as we all realize the negative impact the fashion industry (particularly fast fashion) has had on the environment. People are looking more for eco-friendly fabrics, quality pieces they will wear over time or shopping consignment. Shopping small and also shopping companies that pay a living wage/properly treat their workers also fall into this category.

Comfort and Fabrication:

Athleisure has been a trend for the past few years. Even if a sporty vibe isn't your style aesthetic, clothing of all types is coming out in fabrics that move with us and are much more comfortable. Still need a blazer for meetings, but are working from home? Look for one in a ponte knit fabric. You will still be elevated and pulled together all while feeling like you are wearing a sweatshirt! As the pandemic has continued, I've been happy to see people more excited to get dressed while finding ways to be comfortable, lifestyle appropriate yet still looking and feeling's possible!


I think more and more, we are going to be looking for pieces that we can wear to work (either from home or workplace, or a hybrid) and take us into our leisure activities as well.


This also falls in line with double-duty. Basically, I think people are wanting to maximize their investments even more. The more wears we can get out of what we buy, the better. All stylists love to share this tip: before adding something new - always ask yourself, can I style it at least 3 ways with what is already hanging in my closet? This will hopefully help start to meet those needs of multi-season and double-duty.

How have your shopping patterns or wardrobe needs changed? I'd love to know!


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