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Uplifting Colour Trends

There is so much research on colour psychology. I'm not a psychologist, but from a stylist's perspective I know the power of colour in how it can hi-light our best features AND add instant interest to an outfit. But, it's more than that. Wearing colour can make us feel better and spreads a lot of joy in the direction of others!

Ever notice how often you get complimented when you wear a bold colour? This year Pantone (the authority of all things colour) picked 2 hues of the year. One is: Illuminating Yellow which is seen to encapsulate the promise of something sunny and friendly (we all need that!). In line with that uplifting choice, shades such as bubblegum pink and tangerine are also very popular this season. Check out this article and this one both from who-what-wear for some inspiration!

To give you an idea of a few pieces that have caught my eye lately, I've put together this colour video on my new shopping channel where I virtually walk through some on-line stores and hi-light a few garments - it's almost as if we are shopping together! It's my first "shop-cast" and I'm excited to play around with this new tool. See something you like in the video? Click on the link of the garment in the video for more info or to shop on-line.

Neutrals pair so nicely with these bright cheery hues. This also aligns with the second colour that was selected by Pantone for 2021, Ultimate Grey.

While I enjoy sharing what's trending - if you don't connect with a trend...don't wear it! The focus this month is on joy - wear the colours you love. But, I am trying to nudge you in the direction of adding a little more colour into your life! It could be vibrant jewel tones or neons, your perfect red or whatever you deem your power colour to be. Bold hues not for you? Softer palettes also bring smiles and a calming sense of happiness.

Speaking of colour, when I trained as a stylist in NYC I learned the colour draping technique (remember the "seasons"?). I've seen firsthand how knowing your optimal colour palette can have such a positive impact on a wardrobe as well as how you look and feel in what you wear. This month, I'll be taking another virtual styling course where i'll be learning how to use a digital colour analysis tool. If you've ever been interested in figuring out your colours, this could be a future style service for you - stay tuned...


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