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My thoughts on trends

Over the past few weeks I've shared several Fall trends (if you missed them look at the last few blog posts, I've broken them down by colour, print, texture and shine). But, I don't want you to think I'm all about trends. That is not at all the case - though I am always interested in what's being hi-lighted each season.

I love the quote shared above because, for me, getting dressed and creating our wardrobes is all about personal style. What we choose for ourselves. What we love. What suits/compliments our lifestyles, goals, personality and taste. It's not about our bodies, or our budget (those are things we can always work around to find pieces we love that will suit!). It's definitely not about the latest fashions.

So why share the latest trends? I think it is important to keep our wardrobes modern. So we don't get stuck in a rut (or a time warp). If you notice a trend and you love it, and it aligns with your style personality, budget, lifestyle etc., it is a good time to consider adding it to your wardrobe. You will be keeping it current with pieces you naturally love.

Many of this season's trends (for example: leather, lace, plaid) will continue to serve well over time - far beyond the days that they are all over magazine covers or Instagram feed. So, if they align with your style personality and lifestyle, they should earn their cost-per-wear.

Don't forget to always shop your closet first. You may already have this trend hanging in your closet and it has just been waiting for you to rediscover it and give it new life. For example: I just re-discovered a lace fringe scarf I had tucked away and it is suddenly feeling very now.

If you don't have the trend, take a moment and think about how it will combine with what is already hanging in your closet - it's always good to challenge yourself to try and dream up at least 3 ways you could wear a new garment with your existing wardrobe.

So please do not feel I am encouraging you to just randomly add more to your closet and shop mindlessly. Too many closets are overstuffed already - the goal is to make getting dressed easier and to streamline the pieces in the closet! Keep in mind what you have and what you love, and go from there.

To me, fashion is fun. It's an art form. I love to see what is being hi-lighted each season and pick and choose what works for me, for where I am at this point in my life.

Rest assured, my goal is not for you to embrace all the latest trends. As the late great Karl Lagerfeld noted: "Trendy is the last stage before tacky". We'll leave it at that.

Need ideas incorporating a trend you love into your existing closet? Let's connect, I'd love to help you dream up some possibilities!


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