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Travel Packing Tips

I have to admit, my family always teases me for having a big suitcase. My mum gifted me several suitcases over the years and I love that they allow me to fill them up (and I never go overweight even after a NYC shopping excursion!). My suitcase is immediately recognizable when it comes off the luggage carousel...nothing sends me into more of panic than thinking that someone may wander off with my bag!

That aside, I've learned how to pack with purpose and find I usually wear almost everything I bring due to some careful planning. Here's what works for me:

1) List all activities and plan accordingly:

Whether it be dinners out, beach days, walking clothes to explore your destination etc.; taking some time to write down everything you will be doing and strategically plan outfits for each activity. Trust me, this is time well spent! Take photos of your outfits for reference. When I work with my clients, I create the looks for them and add to a section in their virtual closet. You will thank yourself when you aren't wasting any time while on holiday, staring at your closet wondering what to wear.

2) Plan footwear strategically:

Footwear is what takes up the most room in the suitcase and can be the hardest to figure out! For me, a comfortable sneaker is key and some kind of neutral sandal that can be dressed up or down. If it's a beach/pool kind of trip, of course I'll also throw in a pair of flip flops! I recommend aiming for 2-3 pairs if you can get by on that. Substantial sandals that merge both comfort and style are having a real moment - be sure to check out my sandal catalog here if you are in the market for a new pair!

3) Aim for multipurpose and versatility:

Like we do in our wardrobes at home, the goal is to maximize the use of the pieces in the suitcase. My linen pants will work well for the beach, but can also be dressed up with a tank top, sandals and a necklace for a dinner out. I also love matching sets for outfit creating potential. I recently purchased a lightweight skirt and top set. I can create several outfits either dressed up or down with these 2 pieces. Try to challenge yourself to think of at least 2 ways you can wear something on the trip in order for it to earn a place in your suitcase. Remember, you can also use accessories to your advantage to change up the look of staple pieces!

Note: if something in my suitcase doesn't get worn, it's typically due to the weather. If it isn't due to weather and I just didn't grab for it; that piece becomes on my radar for potential weeding if it doesn't get worn on frequent rotation going forward.

Have a trip coming up and need help figuring out what to take? My virtual Month of Style is perfect for this. Together we create a capsule wardrobe for your suitcase and I put together outfits for your planned activities - all kept in your virtual closet easily accessible from your phone or device of choice.

I'm currently applying all the above tips as I start to prep for an upcoming Summer vacation. We will be a week on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with friends and then a week in my most favourite city in the world...any guesses? You are correct, NYC! So, I need to plan my footwear and clothing options very carefully to maximize the wearability of what's in the suitcase. I LOVE a challenge! And, of course, I'm starting with footwear...


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