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The art of the tuck

The tuck is a quick and easy styling trick that instantly elevates and flatters. I know it can feel a little counter-intuitive drawing attention to a zone that you may wish to camouflage, but hear me out...

The tuck adds a finishing touch to an outfit - you've added a little something extra on purpose. Like the bow and a present. It is a quick and easy way to show or define the waist.

Remember: we can create optical illusions when we get dressed. This trick is so great because it prevents from giving the appearance that you are cut in half. You can tuck strategically to draw the eye exactly where you want.

3 ways to tuck:

Front tuck - This is the perfect option for defining a waist without making it a focal point. You can also play around with having it right in the middle or off slightly to one side or another. You'll find that it draws the eye to the waist but also allows the material to blouse around in a way that nicely flatters. This tuck works with a range of fabrics from thin to bulky. It adds polish to whatever you are wearing.

Half tuck - Looking for an instantly cool, "I've done this on purpose" look? The half tuck easily achieves this vibe. It works particularly well with button down shirts or blouses. It looks so much more pulled together than leaving the top hanging completely out, but gives that in-between feeling of both polished and relaxed.

Full tuck - this is the most pulled together, clean and professional look. Tuck in all the way and then lift your arms to allow some of the fabric to blouse out and fall nicely.

Note: if you are shorter waisted (shorter in the body, longer in the legs), tucking still adds polish and style to an outfit. However, the goal for you is to also give the appearance of more length on your top half. Choosing mid-rise over higher-waisted bottoms is a great option.

Do you use any or all of these tucks? Play around with what's in your closet to start to get a feel for what works, and to see how it can add polish - and style - to what you are wearing! Fore more styling inspiration, don't forget to visit my Shopshare channel for style boards and videos.


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