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Steps to Building a Stylish Outfit

It's no secret I LOVE education. It's one of the reasons I became a teacher - I love learning something new and then sharing with others. As a stylist, I am always searching out the best training and have been fortunate to learn from so many of the best!

One of the most important style philosophies I hold dear (and share with my clients and anyone else who will listen!) is one I learned at the "Style For Hire" stylist training with Stacy London in NYC. This is the notion that there is a Science and an Art to style. Both come into play when getting dressed and in helping us look and feel our best. Once we have a handle on these for ourselves, getting dressed becomes so much easier.

The science of style refers to the colours, silhouettes and shapes that flatter us best. It's not about size. Fit is definitely the foundation of good style. Once we've got that figured out, the art is how we put it all together. It's our personal style, taste and how we can share with the world who we are - and, it can also help us attain our goals!

This video is packed full of my go-to tips for putting together a stylish outfit no matter your lifestyle, body type, colouring or style personality:

Need help figuring out your science or art of style? I'd love to chat!


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