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Sneaker Style

Is anyone else loving the fact that the sneaker has become a wardrobe staple that can be worn for so many occasions?

Admittedly, I have several pairs on the go that I am able to style for work, casual or social occasions. This comes in so handy if I want to walk to the sea bus to meet friends downtown - I don't need to worry about swapping out footwear!

Here are some wearable trends I've been noticing in the sneaker world at the moment:

Classic White: The classic white sneaker is here to stay. If you are only going to have one sneaker in your wardrobe, this is the one I'd recommend. So easy to dress up or down and always looks very chic. Some brands I recommend checking out are: Sam Edelman, Adidas, Everlane or Keds. Within this category, brands like Veja that may have a small splash of colour but are predominately white are also very versatile.

Light Neutrals: At the moment we are seeing sneakers in lighter neutrals such as blush, cream, tan or light grey. If you want a change from your whites or prefer a lighter neutral on your skin-tone, this could be a shoe to consider. I recently picked up a blush pair with gold detailing which I am loving!

Platform: This has been on trend for a while now and we're continuing to see it this season. The platform adds an extra stylistic detail and can be an added bonus for those of us on the shorter side. Also, if you are someone who misses heels - the added height may also be welcomed.

Athletic/Retro: The '70s '80s and '90s are back in a big way and I am loving their influence on footwear! Brands like New Balance and Nike are really offering some comfy, stylish athletic sneakers. Two of my other favourite brands Geox and Madewell have also hopped on board with some fabulous options.

Tip: if you decide your wardrobe doesn't require a new sneaker this season, be sure to check the current condition of what's in your closet. If the laces are dirty you can quickly brighten things up with a fresh pair. I also love the power of the magic eraser on the white surfaces of a sneaker.

All the sneakers in my roundup image are linked on this shopboard.


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