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Shorts season

The weather is finally warming up and I've started to pull out my Summer clothes and it looks like they will start to become part of the regular rotation for the next couple of months. Shorts can be a versatile Summer staple, but I know so many people (myself included!) have struggled to find pairs they feel comfortable and confident wearing. Now that I am in my 50s and have shorts as part of my Summer wardrobe, I wish I could tell my 20, 30 and early 40s self that I should wear shorts - despite my legs never being my most favourite zone. I am so glad I've moved beyond that and am excited to wear some shorts this warm weather season!

It can be so easy to get into a styling rut when it comes to any of our wardrobe basics, so I am sharing some inspiration here to perhaps encourage you to consider putting some shorts outfits together in a new way. Hopefully you can shop your closet for similar pieces. If not, I've done a round up of some pairs that I'm sharing at the end and you can always reach out if you need help tracking down something in particular.

Denim shorts:

Denim shorts are a classic Summer staple. You may already have a worn in denim cut-off pair which will always have a place in the wardrobe. This season we are also seeing a lot of styles that are generally cleaner looking without a lot of distressing. If you like a polished look, something like this is a good way to go. You can dress it up with a more elevated shoe, or wear it with a sneaker similar to the one in the opening image.

Longer shorts:

The past couple of years, we have seen longer shorts being more on trend. These are perfect for those of us who don't feel comfortable in a short short! As a general rule of thumb, shorts that hit where your thigh begins to narrow are the most flattering. Also, pairs that have a wider opening at the leg can also work well. Note: many brands now offer curvy sizing options which are perfect for body types that are fuller on the bottom half. Longer shorts are versatile and have the potential for being dressed up a little more easily. We are seeing mid-thigh length to Bermuda styles having a real moment.

Chino styles:

Chino style shorts in either linen or cotton are an extremely versatile Summer staple. They can take you from a day at the beach, to touring around the city, to drinks on the patio. Pleats can be fabulous for those with narrow hips to add width to the frame. Like that look but don't want added bulk? Opt for a flat front pair if you carry more weight in the mid section. Don't love to show your arms? A lightweight long sleeved shirt unbuttoned would be an easy layer!

Additional tip: don't forget the small details such as accessories and how something as simple as a belt can quickly elevated a casual look and turn two pieces of clothing into an outfit.

Dressed up:

A shorts suit can be a fun change up from a typical dress or jumpsuit for a night out or brunch with friends.

Printed shorts are a fun deviation from a go-to solid pair. This wrap style here are a bit more unique, but there are so many printed silhouettes and styles out there. Pair with a linen or cotton top as shown here or with a basic tee.

A longer denim short may feel a little fashion forward, but treat like your favourite pair of wide-leg jeans for a night out and you will probably find they have more styling potential than you first realized!

If any of the pieces in the looks above caught your eye, you'll find everything linked within my Inspiration catalogs which you can view here.

I've also put together a roundup of what I feel are some easy wearable shorts if you find yourself in need of a pair this Summer. Need help sourcing out a pair or two for yourself? Feel free to reach out, one of my virtual services is perfect for this!

In a few weeks we will be heading back to the very warm Outer Banks of North Carolina - and I will definitely be packing along a couple of pairs of shorts!

Wishing you a wonderful start to the Summer!

Lori xo


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