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Follow up review: Aritzia Super Puff Long (waterproof)

It's been almost a year since I purchased the waterproof Super Puff. Recently, someone messaged me on Instagram to ask my thoughts after wearing it through an entire Fall/Winter season. Specifically: is it actually waterproof, or just water resistant?

My answer is...I absolutely love it! It served me well on so many cold, wet days. There were several occasions where I got caught out in torrential weather. I stayed toasty and dry. And, it was incredible to see how quickly the coat dried.

I haven't washed it yet but plan to do that in the next week to prepare for the upcoming season. I'lll be following a tip from a friend to throw some tennis balls in the dryer to help maintain the puff. I'm open to other suggestions...

If you missed my original post about this purchase, you can read it below. It walks through my mindset behind why I chose the one I did, and why I took the leap in this investment.

I'd love to know if your experience on the waterproof superpuff has been the same...

November, 2022

I broke down a couple of weeks ago and purchased something I was pretty certain I would never buy - a Super Puff.

Don't get me wrong, I love so many of the styles of Super Puff I see out and about. But, that's exactly why I didn't envision myself having one - they are everywhere! While I am so proud of the success of Vancouver-born companies Aritzia and Lululemon (I remember shopping in both when they just started!), the brands tend to be a local uniform here in Vancouver.

That being said, I've jumped on board and am so glad I did.

In my job as a teacher, playground supervision in the Fall/Winter requires both warmth and water protection. This offers both. I've seen so many teachers wearing them, it feels like it could actually become part of our professional uniform.

After one particularly cold, damp and dreary day on field supervision - my good friend and colleague told me she had just invested in the long, waterproof Super Puff. After feeling chilled the rest of the day and knowing how unpredictable the weather has become, I headed straight to the mall after work knowing this would earn its cost-per-wear! But, at $450 this is most certainly an investment piece.

I tried on the coat and asked the sales associate to hold it for me for the remainder of the day. I then scoured the mall for something similar (in terms of warmth and the waterproof feature). I also hopped onto a couple of sites of brands that offer similar products. Lululemon was one retailer that seemed to offer some waterproof, warm parka options at a similar price point. That being said, sizing and colour options were very limited the time I was looking (it's also a very popular one!). Everything else I found with this criteria were typically a starting point of $600 going up more more in price from there. Most of what I found at a lower price were water resistant rather than waterproof. And for my particular purpose, waterproof was a key criteria. But, not everyone needs that so there are lots of other warm, wind and water resistant options out there at a lower ticket price. For example, Joe Fresh has a very similar looking water-resistant version here that this regularly $120 currently on sale for $83.

After feeling I had done sufficient research and product comparison, I returned to Aritzia for another try on.

Some notes on the one I purchased and what I love about the coat:

- As mentioned, I opted for the waterproof as I was in search of a coat that offers both warmth and rain protection.

- I chose the long style for the warmth factor and because I wear skirts and dresses to work a lot, this seems to pair well over anything I am wearing.

- For outerwear pieces, I always opt for a colour other than black - though black is definitely an easy staple. I was happy to see that they had a range of neutrals (and a few brighter options) in this piece. Though most of the fun texture and colour options seem to primarily be available in the non-waterproof options (for example, I'd love a metallic!).

- It can be machine washed and dried. A friend advised me that she learned from TikTok how putting tennis balls in the dryer will help maintain the puffiness. This was after hers seemed flat following a first wash. Other friends have told me they've had no difficulty with the washing process.

- As you can probably see from the opening image, it's pretty big on my petite frame! It actually brings back fond memories of a winter coat I had (and absolutely adored!) when I was in first year University that my roommate and I lovingly referred to as "the sleeping bag". I definitely did not purchase this as a fashion piece. I sized up which accounts for the length and some bagginess. As I am full busted, my regular size seemed to pull in the chest. My rule of thumb if between sizes is to go up a size. I always think things look better if they run more oversized that tight (but I understand that is my personal preference!).

My 1 critique:

- The waterproof version of the coat has a long zipper (as opposed to snaps and zippers on the non-waterproof versions). Because of the length of the coat, I really need to bend down and take a moment to zip up the very long zipper. I'd prefer an option to quickly do up some snaps particularly when popping in and out of stores/businesses.

We recently spent the long weekend in Whistler and the temps were very chilly. This piece kept me nice and toasty as we wandered around the village. It also kept hundreds of others warm as the Super Puff (in a wide range of style) was everywhere! I felt fortunate I didn't need to rely on the water protection, but we know that will come!

I'd love to know if you've invested in the Super Puff, or if you have a favourite warm and waterproof winter coat brand...

Speaking of warm coats, I know it is an extremely difficult time for so many with prices of day-to-day living requirements surging. Whenever I add something new to my closet, it also sparks me to do a mini edit of similar garment types. Some winter coats still in good condition that no longer fit me properly have now been pulled out to take to the Harvest Project. I know there are so many local organizations that are also collecting warm clothing for these chilly temps as well if you also have some to donate.


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