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On-line shopping tips

Stores have gradually opened here with new procedures and modifications. But, it's pretty clear that the world of on-line shopping has grown immensely - and is here to stay! If, like me, you aren't loving spending a lot of time out and about yet, it's probably a good time to make sure you are a savvy shopper when it comes to adding new pieces to your wardrobe virtually.

Check out my top tips for on-line shopping in this video:

Here's a recap:

Recognize the difference between what is a must-have or a would be nice to have.

Which items fall within those categories are different for every person and every wardrobe.

A “must have” can be defined as: you love it, it fills a recognized gap in your wardrobe, you can envision multiple ways it can be styled, it aligns with your style personality, lifestyle and budget. If you find it and it’s in your size - scoop it up! If you wait, chances are, your size will no longer be available when you are ready to “add to cart”. Especially during these times when people are more frequently shopping on-line and retailers might not be making as much product.

A “nice to have” piece can be defined as: you really like it, would combine well with your current wardrobe, meets lifestyle needs etc. But, you may have similar pieces so might not feel it’s essential, or you may think it is a little overpriced. These ones are worth hitting pause, rolling the dice and checking to see if they go on sale. If so, and it’s available in your size (and you’ve still been thinking about it) - then it makes more sense to “add to cart”’ plus it will feel like a small victory! Note: before you checkout ask yourself if there are multiple ways you can wear it to ensure it earns its cost-per-wear.

Sizing and measurements

It's really important to know your current measurements (you can take them at home with a measuring tape). Brands can vary significantly in their sizing, so be sure to consult the sizing charts for reference.

Take time to read the customer reviews. Pay particular attention to the reviewers size, body shape and how the garment fit them. This can provide invaluable information.

Unsure of your size and love the garment? Consider ordering two and keeping the one that fits best.

Be familiar with the return policy.

This differs widely store to store, so it's good to be prepared in advance. No matter how much homework you do prior to purchasing, sometimes the garment that arrives just doesn't work. In those cases, it's nice if you aren't hit with an unpleasant surprise when it comes to the return process.

Some good news! The duty-free limit for on-line shopping for Canadians has just been increased from $20 - $150.

Need help navigating some new purchases (maybe for your seasonal wardrobe or above-they keyboard Zoom pieces)? Let's chat, I love creating personalized shopping catalogs!


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