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On-line shopping tip

Shopping tip: “must haves”' vs “would be nice to have”...

On-line shopping has been around for a long time, but, whether or not it is a new experience for you; it is something we are all going to do a lot more of given the current situation.

If you have identified some gaps in your wardrobe (perhaps some garments you need for your new current lifestyle: Zoom calls, elevated casual pieces etc), here is a handy mindset tip to consider when shopping online:

A “must have” piece can be defined as:

- you love it

- it fills a recognized gap in your wardrobe

- you can envision multiple ways it can be styled

- it aligns with your style personality, lifestyle and budget.

If you find it and it’s in your size - scoop it up! If you wait, chances are, your size will no longer be available when you are ready to “add to cart”. Especially during these times when people are more frequently shopping on-line and retailers might not be making as much product.

A “nice to have” piece can be defined as:

- you really like it

- it would combine well with your current wardrobe

- it meets your lifestyle needs

- you may have similar pieces so might not feel it’s essential as a "must have"

- you might be wavering because it feels a little over-priced

These ones are worth hitting pause, rolling the dice and checking to see if they go on sale. If so, and it’s available in your size (and you’ve still been thinking about it) - then it makes more sense to “add to cart”’ plus it will feel like a small victory! Note: before you checkout ask yourself if there are multiple ways you can wear it to ensure it earns its cost-per-wear.

Need some support navigating on-line shopping? I can help you prioritize and source out your best options!


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