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October Style Prompts

I've had a lot of positive feedback from my September style prompts - so I am going to keep those offerings coming!  I hope these prompts provide inspiration to get creative and make the most of what's already hanging in your closet as we move further into Fall.  

Style Prompt #1Add a layer. Now, this one should be easy given the season!  I often talk about a "completer" piece being the one that adds the finishing touch and "completes" a look.  Add a jacket to a top and bottom  - outfit complete.  Add a cardigan over a dress - outfit complete.  Wrap a blanket scarf over a turtleneck and trousers - outfit complete.  You see where I am going with this - play around with your layers this month!  

Style Prompt #2: Style a monochromatic look.  A monochromatic outfit can look so stylish and elevated.  Play around with hues in the same colour family to give that one tone look - but with interest.  Challenge:  see if you can do it in a hue other than black.  Note:  if black is the only way you will complete this prompt, try to include different textures within the look (ie: leather, tweed, knit etc.).  

Style Prompt #3Play with prints.  Now that you've gone monochromatic, have a little fun with prints.  Prints are everywhere this season and, as I've been showing in my posts, they are remarkably easy to pair.  Play around in your closet - you may just surprise yourself with a new and workable combination...

Style Prompt #4: Style a piece 3 ways.  This one is the fave of all stylists!  Take some time with one of your favourite pieces and see if you can find 3 ways to wear it.  This is a great mindset to adopt, especially for when you are considering future purchases!

Have fun - and please reach out if you try any of these prompts...I would love to know how it goes!


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