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November Style Prompts

This is my third set of style prompts - I was pretty excited last month to hear from so many people that they have given some a whirl! My hope is these prompts provide inspiration to get creative and make the most of what's already hanging in your closet!  If you try at least one over the next few weeks, I'll be smiling...and I would love to hear about it!

Style Prompt #1: Add a belt.

A belt is an easy way to add dimension (and shape) to an outfit. Why not try belting a sweater dress or playing with the current trend of adding a belt over a blazer or cardigan?

Style Prompt #2: Use jewelry as an interest piece. I

f your wardrobe is heavy on the basics, a good way to amp up the style factor in a look is through jewelry. Be it a statement or signature piece, as mentioned above, jewelry can instantly elevate and personalize a look. This month why not try donning a statement piece? Or, layering simple necklaces, bracelets, or stacking rings? And yes, you can definitely mix silver and gold.

Style Prompt #3: Try one of the prompts from the last few months.

Fashion is cyclical - so the prompts can be too! If there has been one you love (print-mixing, monochromatic, layering, reinventing a piece you've neglected, breaking style rules...) keep playing with it, or if you have been meaning to try one of the past prompts - now is the time!

Keep me posted on how it goes - hoping these lead you to have a little fun in your closet!



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