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Navy and black - yes you can...

You know all those style rules you learned growing up? Most of them are outdated, and, are actually quite chic! Here's a prime example of one of these myths:

Black and navy cannot be worn together.

This came to mind recently when a colleague popped into the library with a style query. She told me she had dressed in the morning thinking she was wearing all black. When she got to work, she realized she was actually wearing navy pants with a black sweater - and she had always been told this colour combo was a faux pas.

I assured her that navy and black absolutely CAN be worn together and can look quite sophisticated. Parisians (who are often known to beautifully combine neutrals) seem to use this combination frequently, as do many fashion bloggers or designers.

Here's my top tip:

Make sure the colours stand out from one another.

If you want to avoid that "I got dressed in the dark and didn't notice" look, make sure that the shades are noticeably different. For example: avoid a darker navy with a washed out black or it starts to look like an all-black outfit. Opt for a true or lighter navy with a rich black for contrast.

Still not sure you can pull it off? Add in a contrasting colour, another neutral or a print to your outfit. Or, start simple - perhaps a navy dress with a black shoe or boot.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board here.

Remember, you do not need to to follow any rules when it comes to style. What matters most is how you feel and what you like. If navy and black together doesn't appeal - don't wear it. But, if you like the combination - my complete permission (and encouragement!) to give it a go!


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