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My unofficial denim length guide

The skinny jean is now a classic and isn't going anywhere. But, that being said, a quick way to keep your wardrobe feeling modern and up-to-date is to try a new pant silhouette. It's a new year - the perfect time to try something new! But, with so many styles out there, many people have expressed confusion when it comes to the correct length of the varying styles.

I've put together this general guide to help you navigate what could feel like uncertain territory. Note: this is not an exact science and there is no right or wrong way to wear. I've come up with these numbers based on a selection of books and blogs I've read; as well as from experience with myself, clients and coursework. My best advice is to use these as a ballpark and then experiment in front of a mirror to determine what you feel looks best on you.

Note: although I'm Canadian, I've used inches here as they seem to be the go-to unit of measurement when looking at sizing charts for pant measurements in particular.

Skinny: usually touches the top of the ankle bone

Slim: about 1.5 " above the ankle bone (note: this is a good style to try if you are nervous of moving away from a skinny silhouette. It is the most similar, but doesn't cling quite as much at the ankle which gives it a slightly more modern feel.

Straight-leg (crop): 2.5-3.5 " above ankle. Note: it's recommended that cropped pants stop at the part of the leg where it narrows, so aim for the zone in there that you like the look of best. The eye is always drawn to where clothing pieces end - so keep this in mind when picking that exact spot.

Regular length straight leg - about 1" below the ankle.

Bootcut or kick-flare crop: about 2.5" above ankle.

Full length wide-leg (flare or bootcut): should almost touch the ground (ankles should be completely covered).

Have you tried a new pant silhouette recently?

If figuring out some aspects of your style is on your radar as we step into the new year, check out my virtual services - I'd love to support you as you work through your goals!


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