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Get Set for Summer!

We've talked a lot lately about the Marie Kondo philosophy (what brings you joy and what serves you well) as well as the Capsule Wardrobe mindset (fewer pieces, versatile, interchangeable).

I like a combination of both. While I love the less is more aspect of the Capsule Wardrobe (I have seen too many wardrobes bursting at the seams which makes getting dressed confusing), I am not a fan of the many circulating recipes that state you must have particular items in your closet (ie: a black pencil skirt, or white cotton button up). We are not cookie cutters.

Our clothing should fit and flatter us: lifestyle, personality, body, taste and budget. Oh, and bring us joy/make us feel good! Whether or not you need a certain piece on a list is up to you. I believe these capsule lists should be used as a guideline - a starting point where you can individualize to suit. That's what makes getting dressed fun!

That being said, as the transition to Summer is here, it's the perfect time to sort through summer clothes and figure out what still fits, no longer serves, identify any gaps, and start to make some go-to outfit combinations.

I've put together this checklist to help in that process and ensure you have a well-rounded summer wardrobe. Within each garment type, I've offered some ideas for inspiration; but it is up to you as to which styles you enjoy, or work best.

Need a little inspiration? I've put together a catalog of items based on some of what has caught my eye out there at the moment. Pieces are sorted into categories connecting to my tips for transitioning from Spring to Summer. Remember: always shop your closet first as it's easy to forget what hasn't been worn in a year!

Need help? I have an array of services to suit depending the situation.

Need to fill in a few gaps in your summer wardrobe and also have a couple of events that require fabulous outfits? My Month of Style virtual styling service will ensure you are at the ready.

Have pieces that are still working from last season, but need some inspiration creating new looks? My Shop Your Closet service is the answer.

Been a while since the summer wardrobe has been updated, or spotting several gaps? My Sort, Shop & Style will set you up beautifully for the season.

As always, I am here to help and happy to answer any questions you have to help you step into summer, in style.



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