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How To Transition Outfits To Spring

While we aren’t out of the woods with chilly temps and unpredictable weather, I am going to try to transition my outfits to feel more Springy while still including some warmth. Here's what works for me...


I am shopping my closet for: jackets (bombers, moto, quilted, trenches, denim), blazers and cardigans. I likely will be continuing with lightweight turtlenecks or sweaters underneath for a few more weeks, but also starting to gravitate to some lighter colours in my layers that feel more Spring-like.

I'm reaching for lighter layering pieces such as this cropped blazer.

Longer sleeved shirts work well under sleeveless tops.

Don't be afraid to pull out your white jeans - when paired with a multi-season layer (or knit), they will work well in early Spring.

Lightweight knitwear:

I'm no longer reaching for my bulky, heavy knits. But knitwear is a great multi-season staple. Right now, I am reaching for lighter sweaters. On chilly days, I can still layer over these for added warmth. This tip also applies to scarves, it's a great time to start pulling out some of your scarves in lighter fabrications and tuck away the heavier ones.

A piece like this will offer some warmth but still feels light and Springy.

The sleeves in this are more sheer - great coverage but a more airy feel.

Sweater vests also great this time of year. You can layer them over dresses or longer sleeve tops.

Swap your footwear:

This is a great time for sneakers, loafers, ballet flats and ankle boots. You can still pair them with your cozier pieces as opposites in style are always interesting. Lighter or brighter hues also give off that Springy vibe.

It's a great time of year to start showing a little bit of foot/ankle!

Have fun stepping into the the new stye season - I know we are looking forward to bright, sunny days ahead!


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