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How to feel stylish with minimal effort

As a stylist I hear these phrases a lot:

"I want to feel stylish, but am too busy to come up with a pulled together look."

"Comfort is my top priority."

"I am interested in style, but I don't know where to start."

Don't worry, I've got you covered!

One of my top style hacks is the magic of the completer or third piece. It transforms the most basic of pieces into an outfit. Note: this works best if your extra piece (outerwear or layer) has interest. Interest is achieved through either print, colour, texture, shine, silhouette or unique details (zippers, buttons etc.).

Here is my tried and true formula:

The look can start with simple, comfortable basics (a top plus a bottom paired with your choice of footwear). Add on the layer to complete the look. Done.

This formula is excellent for: running errands, school drop-offs, outdoor socializing etc.

Some fabulous examples of completer layering pieces for this time of year are: blazers, leather jackets, shackets, bomber jackets, cardigans, wool coats. They also work well over dresses and jumpsuits (I know we all love the ease of "one and done" pieces).

Next time you need to add a new layer or an outerwear piece to your wardrobe, I encourage you to try something other than black. It may feel like a huge departure, but, I guarantee when you throw on that piece; you will instantly up your style game. And, it won't take any time or effort.

If venturing away from black feels too extreme - think about playing with texture or silhouette. Look for something that makes a statement. It will still provide comfort, is easy to pull together and will do all the work for you!

Here are a few examples of me following this formula:

Relaxed jeans, graphic tee, sneakers: completer piece is the printed bomber jacket

Dark jeans, sweater: completer piece is the denim jacket with lace details

Cream knit top, white jeans, sneakers: completer piece is the pink vegan leather trench

I think you probably have the hang of it by now - get into the habit of investing in completer pieces with interest and you won't regret it - I promise.

Need some help sourcing out unique, interesting pieces that feel like you? I am always happy to chat.


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