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How to be outfit ready for the holidays

I know that the holiday season will be here in a blink of an eye. The first signs are: Starbucks festive drinks are back and the stores are filled with sparkle, shimmer, velvet and faux fur (I've been shopping for and with clients a lot lately and, trust me, it's everywhere!).

We have enough on our plates during the holiday season and added stress on both our time and our bank accounts. And then we have to pile on figuring out what to wear to a multiple events that require dressing above and beyond our regular go-to outfits.

I hear from people all the time that they have closets full of clothes, yet nothing to wear. This is especially true when it comes to special events and times of year like the festive season.

But, chances are, there are probably a lot of fabulous outfits lurking in there. Or, most of the pieces are there - you may just need to mindfully pick up one or two things (once you know what is missing!). The key is to be prepared and well-planned to break the cycle of always buying something new and then only wearing it once.

Step One: Write a list of everything you need to dress for over the holiday season

During this phase, think of all the activities/events you will be attending or hosting:

- family gatherings

- recitals/concerts

- work parties

- drinks with friends

- dinners/brunches

- tree trimming parties

- charitable events

- ??? the list goes on...

Once you have a clear idea of what's coming, the next step is to move to your closet.

Step two: Shop your closet with purpose

Now is the time to go to your closet and pull out anything you have that feels festive. Here are a few ideas:

- cozy sweaters

- faux fur

- lace

- leather

- anything with sequins, shimmer or shine

- silver and gold

- reds, burgundy, rich moss greens

- ugly festive sweaters

- your version of the LBD if you have dressier events to attend

- look at your footwear - anything holiday inspired (patent, sparkly, textured...)

Next, start to see if you can come up with some outfit combinations to match the different activities listed.

Step three: Notice any gaps and make a shopping plan

Once you have gone through the closet process, you might realize you might need a piece or two to carry you through the festive season - maybe it is something with a pair of patent shoes/boots to throw on with jeans or dresses to elevate your looks, or perhaps you want something with a little sheen to align with holiday sparkle over the holiday season, or maybe your favourite sweater is feeling a little tired and needs replacing.

Now, you have a focused shopping list and you won't be randomly buying pieces in shops without a plan. Don't forget that shopping consignment can be a fabulous option to pick up a holiday piece without breaking the bank.

Need help? I've got you covered.

Introducing - Month of Style (holiday edition)

If this process all feels too overwhelming and you are saying to yourself, "I have no idea how to come up with new festive outfits with what is already hanging in my closet or what gaps need filling" - I am here to help.

I am offering a special promotion on my virtual styling service - Month of Style - with a focus on being prepared for the holiday season.

Learn more about this promotion here. It will run until December 1st and spaces are limited.

Let's take a little time now to be planned and organized so we can enjoy the holiday season, in style with as little stress as possible!



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