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How to be less "hit or miss" with your style

I've noticed that many people who have taken my Style Type Quiz recently have yielded the result "Miracle Maker". Let's see if you relate...

Every now and then you put together a look that makes you feel fabulous…but, you don’t know how to recreate it. Your style success is hit or miss, and you want to be more consistent. You have some skills and ideas about style, but could use some help to nail it every time.

Miracle-Makers tend to respond this way when taking the quiz:

- Every now and then I find an outfit that looks fabulous, but don’t know how to re-create it.

- I enjoy style, but am not sure how to pull it all together consistently.

- Occasionally I get complements about how good I look, but I’m not sure what I did to make it happen!

- Every now and then I feel confident, but am unsure how to recreate that feeling on a regular basis.

- I have some idea of what works on me, but still feel a little uncertain overall.

3 tips to move beyond this stage:

  1. Document your looks.

When you put together an outfit that you feel fabulous in (or that garners compliments), take a photo so you start to have a collection of go-to outfits you know that work. Why not keep a style journal or file of your favourite looks? Or, work with me and have all your stylist-made looks stored in your very-own virtual closet!

2. Take note of compliments!

When a piece or outfit garners a compliment (or just makes you feel really great!), take some time to think about what it is that is creating that response. Is it the colour, the silhouette, a unique detail, or the overall vibe? Figuring this out will help with future purchases and in closet edits. You'll understand why things are working rather than feeling it was just by chance.

3. Create!

Looking at pieces in your closet (or when purchasing something new) ask yourself if you can style them at least 3 ways. If you take some time to create multiple outfits with what is already there, it will feel so much more purposeful and easier to get dressed. Don't forget to document your creations! Maybe you'll start to see some style uniforms developing and can record some of your go-to formulas...

Feel like a little support will get you to the next level? My Month of Style gives the guidance needed to learn to create fabulous outfits every day. You'll have a virtual inventory of your wardrobe, and will receive a set of fabulous life-style appropriate outfits. You'll learn personalized formulas you can recreate yourself to help achieve consistent style success!


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