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Golden Goose Designer Sneaker: My Review

Watching Sex and the City over the years, I always wondered if I would ever own a pair of designer shoes. I even momentarily debated getting a pair for my 40th birthday. I would watch Carrie Bradshaw and her pals walk all over Manhattan in their Manolo Blanhiks, but I've never really been a lover of heels - especially wearing them! But as a fan of fashion, I wondered...was it something I should covet and eventually own? The time I spend in New York is almost always in sneakers - and, even then, at the end of the feet are aching!

Over time, I've developed a stronger sense of my personal style and have come to the conclusion that designer heels are not for me. Though I am an avid sneaker-wearer, designer sneakers had never been on my radar until my husband surprised me with a pair of GGDB (Golden Goose Deluxe Brand) this past Christmas.

Of course, I knew designer sneakers existed and many bloggers and fashion influencers I follow wear them. But, spending over $700 (CDN) on a sneaker? Wouldn't have given it a thought. For reference, a footwear splurge for me is anything beyond $250 and I don't think I've ever spent $200 on a sneaker.

A friend of mine had been chatting over dinner about this brand and had been coveting them a while. My husband must have taken notes, as he searched out a pair for me for under the tree. Once I realized what they were, I took them out of the box expecting them to be THE MOST comfortable sneaker I've ever worn (given the price). But, I have to report - there has certainly been a breaking in process.

Here is my review based on my pair:

My friend was eyeing up (and has eventually purchased) the Super-star which is probably their most popular style. Likened to art, very few are made of each design; so Golden Goose enthusiasts will tell you that if you see a pair you love (and you are considering a purchase), you should snatch them up as they are constantly changing up the colours and prints. They are hand-made in Venice and intended to look worn in and distressed.

GG Super-Star: Image source - Sunsets and Stilettos

GG Super-Star (more distressed example): image source - SSense

Mine are the Hi Star (shown below) which have a small platform and have minimal distressing (I prefer a cleaner look so this feels more me). At first, I was uncertain about the platform. But, being on the petite side, the extra height is an added bonus.

Golden Goose Hi Star: Image source - Golden Goose

One feature I love is GG have a wedge insole which gives the appearance of what a heel would do for your legs - but while wearing a sneaker. As a person with short legs, this is a very welcomed, flattering and much appreciated!

Image source: The Real Real

I decided to stick with the Hi Star style for all those reasons and because they are quite different than my other sneakers already in my closet. At this price-point, that felt important.

A huge downside with GG is that they don't come in half sizes. There is debate all over the internet as to whether you should size up or down. My husband chatted with the reps at Golden Goose and they recommended sizing down. I feel I am a true half size which is frustrating when it comes to fit. But, after trying multiple pairs at Nordstrom before committing to my pair, I decided it was best to stick with sizing down (I have a 7 and am typically a 7.5 or 8). Because of the wedge in-sole, my foot tends to step up a bit when walking. In the larger size, it felt like it almost slipped right out.

The leather was stiff right out of the box, but after reading a review from Sunsets and Stilettos, I followed her advice and did the thick sock and blow-dryer trick and wore them around the house for days before deciding whether to keep. Note: I highly recommend this blog or following her on Instagram - also a teacher (you know how I feel about a style and teacher combo!).

The first day I wore them to work, I was so excited and paired them with a midi length dress. By 10:30 am my feet were covered in blisters. Disappointing. I assumed shoes at this price-point would be like walking on a cloud especially after my at-home wearing in attempts (though it's likely not that way with the designer heels either..). I continued to read reviews and many people talked about how the leather starts to soften over time. After countless bandaids and wearing in shorter stints, I'm pleased to say they are feeling almost completely broken in. I can wear them an entire day without swapping out my shoes and I love their look. Another positive feature, the inside is a soft terry fabric which is so comfy and does seem to mould nicely to feet and absorb moisture.

I do believe these are shoes I will have over time and envision them taking me all over NYC whenever I can get there next. Do I think they are worth the price? I'm not sure about that. What one decides to spend on an investment piece is a personal choice. As a gift, I LOVE them especially now they are no longer hurting my feet! They seem to amp up the chic factor to anything I pair them with. I know I will ensure they earn their cost-per-wear over the years (I'm already wearing them 2-3 times a week and we're just at the start of Spring).

Regardless of whether investing in a designer brand is for you, I think that if we try to purchase the best quality our budget will afford for closet staples - they will serve us well over time.

I wonder if we'll be seeing Carrie and/or any of her friends swapping out their heels for sneakers in the Sex and the City reboot. Regardless, I'll be wearing and loving mine for years to come!


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