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Garment Love

We spend so much time and money curating a wardrobe we are happy with, it's important to also think about how to properly care for and promote the longevity of our pieces. A little TLC can go a long way to making the garments we've invested in look their best and serve us longer!

A few of my must-haves:

Steamer: I steam practically everything (even t-shirts!). It freshens everything up and is so much easier and quicker than ironing!

Depiller: Do you notice how quickly knitwear gets pilled? I recently discovered the best tool for this - I'm sharing it in my catalog linked below. An outfit looks so much more polished when it isn't covered in fuzz (unless that's the intended texture). I have to admit, I'm spending a lot of time using this little gem and getting so much satisfaction from the results!

Lint roller: I always have one in my closet and bathroom.

Laundress: I love this brand for fabric care. The freshening spray is amazing - great for between washes on pieces like jackets and sweaters.

I've shared all my favourites (with links) in this catalog.

Do you have some favourite go-to garment care products or tools? I'd love to hear!


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