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Garment (and Earth) Love

As we've entered this new decade, it's pretty clear that the environment is of utmost concern. We've all heard the impacts the fashion industry (fast fashion particularly) has had - and continues to have - on our planet. One small thing we can do is to take good care of the clothing we already own and prolong its overall lifespan.

I read somewhere that one of the most common gifts for people to receive over the holiday season are sweaters (I even gifted a couple myself this year and received a new cashmere one...). Whether or not you received a new one, you've got some knits and delicate pieces in your closet. Therefore...getting into the habit of proper care is a good goal to have this upcoming year!

I've also heard that if we hang on to pieces in our closet even nine months longer than we perhaps would in the past, makes a significant decrease in our overall carbon footprint. Proper care of garments comes into play on this tidbit as well.

There are so many eco-friendly brands available now which make hand-washing our wool/cashmere and delicates much more easy at home. For those of you who rarely dry clean - I am with you! I am particularly loving the brand Laundress which now ships to Canada and you can even find in local boutiques such as Kiss and Makeup.

Laundress has an informative how-to section and blog that is worth checking out filled with tips and tricks for proper clothing care.

Since January 1st, so many style-related posts on my Instagram feed have included content connected to sustainability. Like anything, if we all take small steps it can make a big difference.

So I'm here this month to encourage you aim towards these 2 things when it comes to sustainability and your wardrobe:

1) The prompt of: take something you already have and wear in a new way. I strongly believe that if we find new ways to wear what we already have, we'll break that cycle of always feeling like we need something new.

2) Let's try and take the best care possible of what we already have (got some other eco-friendly brands you love? Let me know!).

And I've got another one we'll work towards in the upcoming months...

Small steps.

Hope you've had a great start to the new year so far!



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