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Festive outfit planning

Since Halloween decorations seem to come into stores in the Summer, November doesn't seem too soon to start thinking about what to wear for festive occasions. I know that pandemic isn't completely over, but I am certainly optimistic that we'll have more opportunities to get a little dressed up this season!

Tips to get set for the festive dressing:


I know it is tempting to feel like you have nothing to wear and instantly head out and buy some new holiday-inspired pieces. The first best step is to look at your calendar and make a list of all the things you may need to get dressed for over the festive season (parties, family gatherings, drinks with friends, concerts, dinners etc.). And, start to think about what the dress code may be for each. Next step - get into your wardrobe...

Shop your closet first:

Pull out anything you have that feels like it could be worn for festive occasions and start to think about which events they may work for and how you could style them. Let's help these pieces earn their cost-per-wear! In this process, you may find that purchasing a new item or two will help maximize what's already in your wardrobe. And now if you need to go shopping, it will be with purpose and a focused plan!

Here are some examples of what I've worn the past couple of years that I"ll be reaching for again this season...

I love sequins year round but especially over the holiday season! This cardigan/jacket works so well paired over a dress as I've done here, or more casually with a t-shirt and jeans.

My girlfriends and I always meet for festive, pre-Christmas drinks. I always love having a fun holiday top that can easily pair with jeans, black pants or vegan leather skirt.

Extended family Christmas gathering and sing-along. The last couple years have been virtual - we are doing both in-person and virtual this year so that we can connect with everyone. This event isn't particularly dressy, but I always love to wear something that feels festive!

Comfy holiday loungewear - I've shared before how my husband and step-daughter's festive skeleton gifts me a pretty nice present every year for allowing him to be part of our holiday decor. It's quirky, but it's also help me warm to him! My girlfriend found me this t-shirt last season which will be getting a lot of wear this Christmas and in the years to come. I always love a holiday inspired graphic t-shirt, or some Xmas pyjamas/loungewear.

Consider rental:

If you have a fancier event where the dress code surpasses what is already in your closet, I highly recommend considering rental. This way you aren't investing in an outfit that may only get worn once. Read this blogpost on my previous rental experience with The Fitzroy I just put in an order for this dress pictured below to wear for my husband's holiday party - I'll keep you posted on how it works out! Consignment or thrift stores are another fabulous option when looking for dressier holiday-inspired pieces.

Need help planning your holiday looks? My virtual Shop Your Closet service is perfect for this!


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