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Fall preview - 5 trends catching my eye

I'm not wishing Summer away and never advocate shopping strictly according to trends. But, if there is one that resonates - meaning: you love it, it suits you and your style personality, lifestyle and fills a gap in your wardrobe; this can be a way to organically keep your wardrobe up-to-date. And, you'll likely (hopefully) keep wearing it far beyond it's trending moment!

5 pre-fall trends that have caught my eye:

Sequins: They are not just for the festive season! It's no secret I've always loved a little sparkle. We'll be seeing sequins a lot this season for everyday dressing as opposed to just special occasions - love this sequin tank I picked up in NYC! If you missed checking out all of my New York shopping purchases you can read about them here.

Dopamine dressing: Bold colours that inject a vibe of happiness continue to be everywhere. I love the mood boosting power of a vibrant hue! Even though softer, more muted colours suit me best; I've embraced brights recently because of how they make me feel (these pants make me smile!).

Black is back: Black is a classic, but it's having a real moment (I hear so many of you cheering!). Black pieces were hi-lighted in so many of the runway shows for this season. Remember: to make black more interesting, try it in different fabrications and textures such as with this vegan leather skirt.

Leopard print: You've heard me say it before, I consider leopard print a neutral. It's amazing how many colours and prints it combines seamlessly with. Leopard is having a moment, but this is an example of a trend that won't go anywhere. If you love leopard like I do, time to showcase it! It also works well as an accent in an accessory such as a belt or shoe.

Maxi dressing: Oversized sweaters/sweatshirts, maxi skirts and wide-leg pants - an overall relaxed vibe will be a common silhouette. If you are petite (like me), this can be tricky - you need to make sure you aren't completely overwhelmed by the silhouette. I've gone a wider, more slouchy leg in these pants; but balanced them off with a more fitted top.

I'd love to know if any of these resonate with you - remember, make sure they reflect your style personality and lifestyle...and, you love them! That's the best way to ensure you continue to wear beyond trend status.

If you have some of these currently hanging in your closet but need some support re-styling them to make them feel new, interesting and up-to-date; my virtual Shop Your Closet service is perfect for that!

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