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Fall 2020 - Trend Update

It's time for another trend update. I've always loved all things shine - whether its dressing up, accessorizing, or incorporating into everyday wear! Like the other trends (colour, print, texture) outlined recently, shine is an instant way to elevate and add interest to a look.

Just like wearing white after Labour Day or navy and black together; it may take some people a moment (or two) to become comfortable with the fact that sequins and metallics are not just for evening. It may also take some time to realize that metallics serve as a neutral and can be a fun departure from our everyday neutrals. Give it a try - you'll see how they combine so well with even your most casual pieces.

This season we'll be seeing shine through metallics (silver, gold, rose-gold) either in an entire garment, through accents or even subtly woven in the threads. And, anytime anywhere sequins!

Why not incorporate metallics through accessories (footwear, belts, scarves, bags), outerwear or pair with your more casual pieces.

Layers can be an easy way to play with metallic or jewelled pieces. Wear over a t-shirt and jeans or go dressier with a dress and heels. So many options! I love that you can achieve understated shine through metallic threads in knitwear or blouses (this is a great way to dip your toe in if you are intrigued by this trend but it still feels a little scary).

Here are some ways I've incorporated shine into my wardrobe and outfits recently:

Have some fun playing with shine this season - I think we all could use a little extra brightness these days.


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