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Fall 2020 - Texture Trends

The last couple of weeks I've shared some of the colour and print trends for the Fall 2020 style season. Don't forget it's always a great idea to shop your closet before hitting the shops to see if something in there already aligns and could be given a little extra air time these days!

If you recall in my colour post, I mentioned that black is also having a style moment this season (and that I could hear many of you cheering!). One way to keep an outfit interesting if you are wearing head-to-toe black is through textured fabrics. The textures that are trending this season all would be an easy way to give your black looks a little something extra!

Here are 3 that we'll be seeing a lot of this season:


Coloured leather was trending last Spring and I am so glad it's being carried over into Fall (especially since we are getting out of the house more frequently than we were 6 months ago!). There are so many vegan and faux leather options out there at reasonable price-points. We are seeing leather in every garment type. If you love all black looks, adding a texture such as leather immediately elevates your style game and adds some depth.


I am loving both the leather and lace trends and how they offer some juxtaposition in their overall style vibe. Leather can feel a little edgy or rock & roll whereas lace can feel romantic, alluring or a little bohemian. Styled together or on their own - I love their versatility and interest. Above we see an example of an outfit with both leather and lace - all in black. Now that's an example of a stylish black look!


While leather and lace may be trending at the moment, they are classic textures that will earn their cost-per-wear over time. The final texture trend we are seeing is fringe. I feel this falls more in a fashion-y trend category. It's something we see come and go, but isn't necessarily a timeless texture in a wardrobe. That being said - it's fun, interesting and if it aligns with your style personality: boho, artistic, romantic or western - this could be something you'd like to consider adding to your wardrobe if the price is right! Side note: equestrian inspired pieces are also having a moment this season.

I'd love to know if you'll be wearing any of these textures this season - you'll be seeing me in both leather and lace!


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