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Fall 2020 Colour Trends

Our closets should reflect us and what we love - they should not be filled entirely with trends. However, I think it is important to keep our look modern and up-to-date. Infusing a trend we already love is the easiest way to do that! Plus, it can inject a little fun into our closets.

I've spent some time sourcing out what I think are some of Fall's most wearable trends and will be sharing them over the upcoming weeks.

First up - this season's star colour palette.

This year's colour palette feels classically autumnal - we'll be seeing a range of oranges (from vibrant to burnt) as well as rich burgundy and wine shades. This wall I am standing in front of in the opening image is feeling very on trend...

Those of you with a cooler undertone and an affinity toward pastels will also love that lavender is trending this season. It pairs so nicely with white or cream and is an easy way to transition your white jeans into Fall!

We'll be seeing shades of tan and almond used to make gorgeous tonal and monochromatic looks. Olive will also be a key hue this season and works well paired with both neutrals or a range of colour.

Pantone's colour of the year for 2020 was "Classic Blue" and we will continue to see this vibrant hue this Fall. Pantone noted it to be "timeless and elegant in its simplicity".

I see so many of you smiling with that there is a little black in the above image. Yes - black is also having a style moment. But, not just anything in black - find something with some texture (think: leather, lace, tweed, satin/silk, fringe etc.) for an added style statement.

Stylist tip: remember to wear your most flattering colours next to your face for optimal results.

Love one of these colours but they aren't in your best palette? Consider wearing on the bottom, in a print, or in an accessory such as a shoe, belt or bag.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Fall 2020 updates!


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