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Elevated comfy pants

One of the upsides of all the months we had on Zoom, was that we really only had to consider dressing mindfully (and stylishly) on the top half!

It's completely understandable that we crave comfort in what we wear on the bottom - now more than ever.

But, we've moved beyond a life entirely on screen (thank goodness) - so it feels like the perfect time round up some comfy, yet stylish pant inspiration.

While leggings and skinny jeans are wardrobe staples (and are not going anywhere!), we've been seeing a move to more relaxed cuts for some time now. An easy way to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and current is to infuse a new silhouette.

I've rounded up some versatile options that can be dressed up or down to suit a range of lifestyle demands. I also chat styling tips and share a variety of brands in this video:

Check out my complete inspiration roundup catalog of "Elevated Comfy Pants" complete with shopping links. I'd love to know if any catch your eye!

Be sure to also visit my Shopshare channel for all my shoppable boards and videos.


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