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Easy style: elevated basics

I hear from people all the time that they would like their style to look and feel effortless. While I completely understand this, my answer is usually the same: you need to put in some thought and strategic shopping to get there!

An easy way to ensure you consistently put together stylish looks (with minimal effort) is to fill your closet with what I like to call: elevated basics.

An elevated basic is exactly as it sounds. It is any wardrobe staple (t-shirts, jeans, skirts, trousers, button ups etc.) that have a little something extra. Something that elevates. They still serve as an extremely versatile workhorse in the wardrobe, while amping up the overall look a notch - without you even having to think about it!

In the photo above, my pencil skirt is vegan leather. This is just as versatile as a plain, black pencil skirt; but its fabrication instantly ups the style factor. Added bonus: the exposed zipper. It's all in the details!

Another example: this white t-shirt which is a slub cotton fabrication with an eyelet collar detail:

White blazer with a ruffle detail:

Jeans with braided belt (these also have a cool front pocket detail):

Pairing any of the above items with the most basic of basics will ensure the outfit (no matter how simple) has some interest and style.

Elevated basics work particularly well for a minimal style personality (to amp up those basics pieces), but are also great for more dramatic and creative types who may gravitate to eye-catching pieces while still needing to have an arsenal of staples in the wardrobe to pull everything together (this is me!).

Next time you are adding a basic to the wardrobe, see if you can find one with some interest in either the fabrication, details (zippers, buttons, ties etc.) or silhouette. I promise you will thank yourself for taking the time when you see the impact they have on your overall wardrobe/style.

Need help? I can certainly help you source out some key pieces that would help make getting dressed feel more effortless and stylish!

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