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Dress rental review

A while back, I shared my tips for occasion dressing as our calendars were starting to fill up again with social engagements. Figuring out what to wear after the long hiatus can be stress-inducing! One option was rental. However, I'd not used a clothing rental service - so I figured in the name of style was time to give it a try!

I ordered my dress from The Fitzroy in Toronto. In Canada, this shop seems to have the best inventory out of all the rental services I found online. I decided to rent a dress for my friend's 50th birthday dinner. I have dresses in my closet that would also work for this celebration, so I felt confident giving this service a whirl as I had backup if the dress I received didn't work out. I've shared my dress selection process and details of the website in this video.

The dress arrived 2 days before my 4 day rental was set to begin, which was an added bonus. It clearly worked out, as I'm wearing it in the photo above.

Hi-lights of the experience:

- Ease of delivery and return process: the package was waiting on my doorstep before expected arrival. It comes with pre-paid Canada Post box for return shipping. They take care of the dry cleaning.

- $5 Wear And Tear Insurance - knowing I had included this in my rental, made me feel relaxed and at ease wearing the dress.

- Wearing something that felt fun and festive for a special occasion that also is a sustainable option.

- Communication with the team at Fitzroy. I made several inquiries regarding fit before making my selection and they were very responsive. You can also book a virtual fitting if you don't live in Toronto.

- Refund option: knowing that if I wasn't happy with the dress, I could return it for a full refund (minus shipping), made me feel more confident in this process. You just need to post it back within 24 hours (unworn - other than the initial at home try on). Note: this is only if you haven't had the opportunity to try on in-person - a great backup for those living outside of the Toronto area.

Can I just say how much fun it was to get out again and have a proper, dressed-up, celebration with friends? The party bus that pulled up really set the mood (and I was already feeling festive in the dress!).

I'll definitely be using this service again for more formal occasions that may pop up in the future - highly recommend giving it a try if you are also curious, or in the need for something to wear to a special event.

Side note: while I LOVED renting, and will definitely do so in the future for formal occasions; I am still a strong advocate of shopping our closets. Having pieces at the ready that we feel fabulous in for when those special occasions arise. My friends all shopped their closets (rather than renting or buying something new), and I know were happy to let some of those gorgeous frocks out of the wardrobe!

Bottom line: having something to wear that you feel confident in and excited to wear allows you to enjoy celebratory moments to their fullest! Whether it's picking up that perfect dress, matching set or jumpsuit when you see it - even if there isn't a specific occasion at the moment. Or, giving rental a whirl if you want to have a little fun with fashion, or need to dress up very occasionally but don't want to add those pieces to your current wardrobe.

Interested in giving rental a try, but overwhelmed by which dress to choose? Feel free to reach out, I'd love to help you get started!


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