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Comfy Style Inspiration

Even before the times we are living in, the desire for comfort was always high on the priority list when I talk to people about their style. So many are willing to sacrifice style for comfort. But, you don't have to - I believe you can have it both ways!

Designers have caught on to this trend and, more and more, garments are being made in fabrics with comfort at the forefront of mind - it may feel like a yoga pant but looks like a trouser. Feels like a hoodie, but is actually a blazer...

My daily outfits have definitely shifted since we have been in this time of social isolation (and, I have to say, I am MISSING so many of my pre-COVID going out or work looks).  While I am dressing much more casually these days than when I was teaching or meeting with style clients in-person, I feel much more productive when I actually get dressed.  And, I also feel more like myself when I include an interest element into an outfit (no matter how casual). 

You might remember from the outfit formulas I shared last month that the style level of a look is automatically raised when either:  colour, print, texture or shine is included - these are key interest elements.  Prefer to be monochromatic and mainly in black?  You can play with texture or an interesting silhouette (hello statement sleeve!).   I'd love to know if you have managed to try any of these formulas - they've been working really well for me!

Getting tired of your rotation of casual at-home clothing?  I've put together an inspiration catalog of pieces that are great for lounging, but can also be dressed up for work.  And, many of which, I think we will be able to style beyond these days of social isolation. 

See a piece you love? Click on the image to take you to the site for more details on the garment, or to shop on line. Remember, on-line items tend to be going fairly quickly these days and aren't as regularly replenished. If it is something you feel is a must-have, then I'd recommend scooping it up. Your size not available? Feel free to reach out, I'd be happy to give you a few ideas on where to find something similar.

Hope you are all doing well! Lori


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