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Closet Tip for a New Normal and a New Season...

Not only is the season changing, the way we get dressed may have altered (for many of us) due to lifestyle shifts. To have a well-functioning closet, it's important to have these things in mind and ensure our spaces are set up to meet our needs.

Ask yourself: What am pieces I am reaching for most days? What garments will I be wearing on a frequent basis in the upcoming weeks/months.

Tip: Use the area in your closet that is most visible and easily accessible for the pieces that you wear on high rotation. This may require a little re-organization, but it is important to have what you think you will actually wear the most visible and accessible.

Example: if suiting or dressier work separates are still in your prime closet space, but you are rarely wearing them, move them off to another area to make room for the clothing you envision yourself wearing on repeat. Have a lot of dressier options in plain view but don't see yourself having the opportunity to wear for a while? Perhaps move some more casual summer dresses in their place.

Additional tip: Wherever possible, hang your clothing. Most stylists will tell you that clothing gets worn more if it is hanging - especially if it is in our line of sight!


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