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Closet Staple: The Trench Coat

The trench is a classic, but isn't just for the classic style personality. There is one that will suit any style vibe: sophisticated, preppy, feminine, edgy, minimalistic, tailored, boho, chic, sporty, artistic - to name just a few. Whether you opt for soft neutrals or pop of colour - there is a trench for everyone! Added bonus, they tend to flatter so many body types.

It's something that can be worn with the most casual of outfits or be dressed up. It's an easy way to pull together almost any look (t-shirt + jeans + trench = pulled together look). I'm often asked how to achieve an "effortless" style. While I do think that it takes some effort to get to the point of achieving "effortless" style, the trench can be a wardrobe workhorse that can make you feel instantly stylish without putting in much thought. It has an ease and finishing touch about it.

A trench is a timeless piece that should earn its cost-per-wear and works multi-season.

Check out my roundup catalog and video for inspiration - or to shop.

Remember, always think about what you already have in your closet before purchasing something new AND how it will combine with what's already there. The trench is an easy piece to try to combine with at least 3 pieces in your wardrobe - so it passes that stylist test with ease. Tip: keep in mind your overall colour palette to maximize versatility.


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